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Oldfield’s Appliance in Eugene Oregon talks about buying appliances locally and the most dependable laundry brand Speed Queen.

let’s talk alittle bit about laundry. it’s getting
that time of year where there’s going to
be lots of laundry. is there something
that says your best-selling brand or
that’s your most dependable brand or that’s
out there?

We also sell a brand called Speed Queen and
that is quite honestly that’s been our
most popular set of laundry

what I mean by that is that Speed Queen
has been making this laundry set
for years. I personally got in the
business selling appliances in 1993.

actually built to last
25 years, that’s how they design their
machines. which is longer than any other
washing machine or dryer that I sell

Speed Queen laundry, because they are
commercial quality-built. they’re all
built in Wisconsin, right here in the USA.
and stainless steel tubs, metal gears and
parts, again, really high-quality machines
that are built to last and they back it
up to. Meaning that this machine that
we’re looking at right here this is the
electronic version of their washing
machine. an electronic version I just
mean by the touch controls and they back
that up with a full five-year warranty
on their washer and their dryer.

voted the number one brand in America by
women. so women who are doing the laundry
love the Speed Queen brand. it’s got
really a following, people who have it
you know it’s kind of a workhorse, it is
kind of a tank. it doesn’t have all the
bells and whistles and the and the
frilly, you know,
newfangled things.

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