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One of the biggest issues I see local business facing with online marketing is: What to do about their online reputation? They have no idea how to build it, let alone leverage it to attract more customers, clients, patients or members.

The good news is; it’s not difficult if you have the right strategy and tools.

Did you know that 79% of people go online to get information about a business before making contact with it? That’s staggering number and its growing daily.
That’s is why it is so important for local business owners to pay close attention to their online reputation. It can be the difference in customers flocking to your company or going to your competition.

The more established a business appears to be online to potential clients, the more successful the company will be. If a business has a 5 star rating and lots of positive feedback from existing customers, the easier it is for new customers to choose to do business with them. Consequently if a company has a bad reviews or no online reputation, the more likely it is that the potential customer will continue searching for a solution they are more comfortable with.
There are 3 things the business owner should do to protect their online reputation:
1. Monitor your online reviews online regularly. You need to know what’s being said about your business online.
2. Implement a strategy to encourage positive feedback from your customer
3. Develop a plan to market your awesome reputation to potential clients.

At U B All UR Business Solutions we specialize in Reputation Marketing for local business professionals. If you’d like a free audit of your online reputation visit: or Call us 541-980-0160
We are happy to help. Because the online marketing is changing and it’s impossible for business owners to keep up and run a successful business at the same time.

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