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As a leader in digital marketing innovation, I’m often asked: Why should I do a Local Expert Interview with you?

I can think of a dozen good reasons, but let me share the top 3
1. To Position Yourself as a Market Leader and local expert. 94% of consumers watched an online video this week. What better format is there to share your expertise?

2. The Stats Prove Video Works. 96% of consumers find video helpful in buying decisions. 58% Consider the company to be more trust worthy. 71% have a more positive impression of the company and 77% believe that the business is more engaged with their customers.

3. This is the most cost effective way to begin your video marketing strategy. We’re picking up all production costs. Spokesperson, Animated Graphics, News Style Set Design, Camera Crew, Audio Techs, Hair and Makeup, editing and everything else that goes into making a quality video can add up to big bucks fast.
Video should be an important part of your marketing strategy. That’s why we’re doing this case to prove it and why it plays a big role in our Local Authority Client Generation Solution.
To claim your Local Expert Interview Call or email us today and secure you spot on the production schedule.

Brad Harmon Of U B All U R Business Solutions in The Dalles Oregon Discusses the issue and gives Important Pointers On Why you should do a Local Expert Interview with Discover The Dalles for business owners In The Dalles Oregon.

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