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What is the biggest problem that home owners face when trying to decide the best way to heat and cool their home?

I am often asked by home owners, “should I install a ductless mini-split heat pump or a conventional heating and air conditioning system?

The challenge isn’t delivering a fantastic central air system. We can do that. The challenge is identifying customer’s needs, determining how a family uses their home…the conditioned space, and tailoring a central air system to their lifestyle.

For example, a father and mother of 3 young children come to me… they own an older home that lacks central air, perhaps they have electric baseboard heat…They say…someone usually has the bigscreen on, the washer and dryer are always running, doors and windows are always opening and closing, and the oven is usually operating at dinner time-often the hottest hours of the day…There are a lot of BTUs in that chaotic home. They ask…”how can we heat and cool our home without tearing into the walls and attic? What is the most non-invasive competitively-priced way to bring comfort to our family?

Here are 5 reasons why a ductless system may suit that family better than a conventional central air system:

Reason # 1 Ductless systems are non-invasive…great for remodels, older homes, and providing supplement heating and cooling for bonus rooms, mancaves, and shops. An indoor wall-mounted air handler is connected to an outdoor condenser only by a line-set and an electrical wire. No ripping into walls and making a giant mess. The process is quick, clean, and easy.

Reason #2 Multiple indoor air handlers can be used to provide balance and control to larger spaces, essentially zoning bedrooms and living areas…like the kitchen and family room, for specific users at specific times.

Reason #3 Ductless heat pumps operate quietly and are extremely efficient…

Reason #4 Significant state and federal tax credits and rebates are compelling reasons to go ductless.

Reason #5 Maintenance and Serviceability. Ductless equipment is accessible and easy to work on. Hey, and No Ducts! Which means no worries of critters compromising your system.

Are you trying to decide between a ductless mini-split and a conventional central air system? We can help.

Advanced Air & Metal is the intelligent choice for heating and cooling solutions and ductless mini-split experts. Since 1994, Advanced Air & Metal has provided the Rogue Valley with innovative equipment, quality installation, and award-winning service. Learn more about us at Advanced Air and metal dot com.

We want to serve you, and your family, with dependable comfort tailored to your budget and lifestyle.

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